The Dream RPA Setup: OpenRPA and Node-RED


I want a killer RPA setup that has:

  • Unlimited parallel robots
  • C# as coding language
  • Advanced and customizable orchestration
  • Queue/transaction functionality

But my company is a 2-person basement company with no money for expensive licenses.

The ultimate setup is naturally OpenRPA combined with Node-RED – a free, open-source solution. However, installing everything and optimizing for performance seems like a big task.

The OpenRPA inventor, Allan Zimmermann agreed to be my private teacher. He’ll transform my PC into the RPA command center of my dreams 🥰

Do you want the same? Here’s the step-by-step guide.

How to setup OpenRPA and Node-Red


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    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Raiko

      Can you open this: and then scroll a bit down to “Download and install”? Then you can pick your OS.

      Let me know if you still face a problem.

      Kind regards, Anders

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