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How good is Open Source RPA?

Once upon a time in Randers, Denmark there was an IT wizard called Allan Zimmermann. Allan worked as a founding partner in a successful IT consultancy company, where he made sure that he everyday delivered the best solutions to the customers.

The customers kept talking about their need for RPA, but as you might know, enterprise RPA solutions are not the cheapest ones, so a lot of the customers couldn’t really afford. Allan thought to himself, that it was a shame, because the demand for RPA was clearly there.

Battling the big guns

Then he got the idea. How about if he himself developed an RPA enterprise tool that could compete with the big guns, such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism? And something that could solve the customers needs for a cheaper alternative. Open source was the answer. Quickly his thoughts went into a real plan and a few days later it was friday and Allan was facing weekend.

What he then did was amazing. He simply sat down with his computer and developed the first beta version of OpenRPA. Clients were blown of their chairs with the impressiveness of OpenRPA and OpenFlow (orchestration).

Now fast forward to 2020 and OpenRPA and OpenFlow is now a full open source enterprise solution. This video will give you an extensive demo of OpenRPA as well as an interview with Allan Zimmermann.

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