Who are we?


Stine and Anders founded andersjensenorg. The mission? Make RPA and AI straightforward and fun for everyone, from pros to everyday users. With hands-on, practical, easy-to-follow courses, we make complex topics something anyone can get excited about.

Our Story

  • Big Dreams

    Stine and Anders always dreamed of creating something unique together. Sure, we had amazing jobs, but we knew deep down we wanted to make a bigger impact. We wanted to inspire, teach, and enjoy every moment of our lives.
  • YouTube

    This whole adventure kicked off with Anders’ YouTube channel. It was his playground for breaking down RPA and AI into bite-sized, totally free lessons. What started as a fun hobby to help friends and colleagues suddenly began to catch on. Lots of people wanted to learn.
  • Going All-In

    It hit us: why not dive into this full-time? So, we did. Stine, with her experience from consulting and mind for business, and Anders, with the tech know-how, decided to go all in. We were determined to build something on our own terms, focusing on quality, fun, and, no outside investors to remain in full control of our lives.
  • Made It!

    By 2023, we had done it. We have built a community and a brand that stands out globally. We are teaching RPA and AI in an engaging and accessible way. And the best part? We work how we want, sticking to a 34-hour week that leaves us plenty of time for life’s adventures.

About us

The Team

  • Anders Jensen

    Founder, RPA & AI Teacher, and YouTuber

    Anders is a recognized expert in RPA and AI. He has made a name for himself on YouTube, where his educational instructional videos on topics such as Power Automate and ChatGPT have more than 7.5 million views. He has received several 'Most Valuable Professional' titles from prominent RPA tools like Microsoft Power Automate and UiPath. With a solid technical background combined with his ability to convey information pedagogically, Anders is a sought-after instructor in the RPA and AI field.

  • Stine Høiberg Rasmussen

    Co-Founder and RPA & AI Teacher

    Stine is known for her motto of "taking the robot out of the human." She has a keen focus on bridging the gap between business needs and technological solutions, which not only streamline processes but also benefit the economy, customers, and employees. Since 2015, Stine has built an impressive portfolio of experiences with RPA and AI from leading companies. Today, she shares her knowledge through conferences, events, and courses in order to inspire the automation of manual tasks.

  • Jan Langdeel Pettit

    RPA and AI Teacher

    Jan is an experienced specialist in RPA and AI. He has previously held roles as a Tech Lead and Business Intelligence Specialist in prominent companies and has experience as a developer in various startups. Teaching has always been a passion for Jan. Already during his studies at DTU, he began to teach, and since then, he has developed several technical courses on online platforms like Udemy. Today, Jan combines his deep technical knowledge with his passion for teaching.

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Co-Founder and RPA & AI Teacher

Stine Høiberg Rasmussen

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