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The Best UiPath Resources 2021

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UiPath Books

Being a UIPath RPA Developer requires you to be a specialist in UiPath and a generalist in a dozen of surrounding technologies/coding languages.


Learning Visual Basic .NET by Jesse Liberty


Although UiPath is a low-code RPA tool, you still need to master some basic coding. The default coding language in UiPath is VB .NET*, and this primer will teach you everything you need to know about Visual Basic and object-oriented programming. Examples and easy do-it-yourself code make it very easy to read the book. And remember, you don’t need to be a hardcore .NET developer to master UiPath. If you master the basics (this book), you know more than enough.

*: In 2020 UiPath introduced C#, however, it’s recommended to learn and use VB .NET, as almost all documentation and guides are of VB .NET.


Intelligent Automation by Jesse Pascal Bornet et


A complete Beginners Guide to Intelligent Automation (IA). Intelligent Automation combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This book describes the different areas of IA, a lot of use cases around IA, challenges/problems, and predictions for the future. If you’re looking to incorporate AI in your RPA, this book is for you.

In layman’s terms Pascal Bornet, Ian Barkin, and Jochen Wirtz explain, how AI, such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Vision is used with RPA to create very powerful automation solutions.

The Best UiPath YouTube Channels

You can find an enormous amount of UiPath guides/tutorials on YouTube. There are complete courses where the instructor will take you from a complete beginner to becoming an RPA developer, or how about some of the most advanced guides? Another great feature is that you can find a video solution to almost every UiPath you might encounter (e.g., how to compare two Excel sheets).


Anders Jensen


With more than 5000 daily views, Anders holds one of the largest automation YouTube channels. Anders is a UiPath Most Valued Professional 2021 and is known for his great teaching skills.


Anmol Yadav RPA Evangelist


Anmol is working as an RPA analyst in her daily job, which can be seen in her videos. On her YouTube channel, Anmol teaches many best practices, and almost all of them are ready for you to implement. Anmol was also awarded the Women in Automation 2020 and UiPath Most Valued Professional in 2021.


Automation Loop by Priyanka Bhalere


Have you seen Priyanka Bhaleres UiPath videos? Given the great quality, it doesn’t make sense that she has less than 1000 subscribers. You should go check her 9-part Orchestrator API series out. It’s no coincidence that Priyanka has been awarded the UiPath Most Valued Professional 2021.




Even though we haven’t got a new upload in more than 7 months, this UiPath YouTube channel still deserves a place on any “best of” list. The man behind it, a UiPath Most Valued Professional 2021, specializes in series, e.g., all about Google G Suite or UiPath AI Fabric.


Daniel Tila


The Daniel Tila YouTube channel is a secret gem with no more than 224 subscribers at the moment. From the start of Daniel’s videos, you can feel that this is a professional teaching your UiPath best practices. This channel will explode in 2021 if Daniel continues his incredible videos.


I Love Automation


This channel is unique because all videos are mobile-friendly Max 1-minute and all in “smartphone resolution”. A wide range of creators contributes to the channel, e.g., Mukesh Kala, Anders Jensen, Cristian Negulescu, Jan Langdeel, and Nidhi Chaturvedi. Go check it out and get some quick improvement to your UiPath game.


Marcelo Cruz


Marcelo originally created UiPath tutorials in Portuguese, but to our fortune, he later changed that to English making it very worthwhile for us English speakers to watch his videos. The video tutorials are about solving specific problems in UiPath (e.g. how to use Picture In Picture or how to extract data out of PDFs.


nisarg kadam


Nisarg is a UiPath Most Valued Professional 2021 and is known for his very advanced RPA knowledge (2x UiPath HyperHack Global Hackathon Winner). His channel is packed with some of the most advanced guides.


Parth Doshi – Learning By Doing


You’ll like his technical UiPath skills, but you will love the positivity and enthusiasm he puts into each of his videos. Creating highly advanced tutorials and interviewing some of the best UiPath developers as well on his YouTube channel. My god, how could UiPath forget him at this year’s MVP award?


Tutorials by Mukesh Kala


Here, there, and everywhere. This UiPath genius delivers. Whether you want to understand logging or triggers in our favorite automation tool, you can find it here. The man behind the channel, Mukesh Kala, has just been awarded the UiPath Most Valued Professional 2021.




The official UiPath YouTube channel. A great mix of Customer Succes stories, introduction to new features, and tutorials in specific aspects. The place you subscribe to because you want to stay updated about the biggest and best RPA tool in the world.


UiPath Video Tutorials made by Cristian Negulescu


Do you need to integrate Salesforce, Jira/Confluence, or maybe ServiceNow into your UiPath workflows? Don’t worry, Cristian is the “king of integrations” and has made a video for almost any integration you can think of. It’s all explained in an easy step-by-step manner.


UiPath with Jeppe


Jeppe is a newcomer to the UiPath content creator scene and has surprised everyone with his very advanced tutorials. At the moment under 10.000 views, but expect that number to grow exponentially very soon.

RPA White Papers

One of the best ways to rapidly improve your RPA knowledge is to read the RPA/automation white papers from the significant research and advisory firms, which they usually release a couple of times a year. A subscription to each of these is around $30.000 😮

But you can get the white papers for FREE. All the prominent RPA vendors (UiPath, Automation Anywhere, etc.) buy these reports and provide the white papers for free for you if you give your email and details. Do keep in mind that this might be a little biased, as the vendor only provides the white papers, where they score well. Not a big concern for us, as we shop a little big around and pick each white paper from whoever featured it.

Date White Paper Advisory URL
September 2021 RPA Products PEAK Matrix Everest Group
July 2021 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Gartner
March 2021 Robotic Process Automation, Q1 2021 Forrester
February 2021 Understand Cloud-Native RPA Everest
February 2021 RPA – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews IT Central Station
February 2021 RPA, Intelligent Automation & Data Analytics The AI Journal
January 2021 Annual Report 2020-21 Edge Tech
December 2020 Customers’ Choice RPA Gartner
December 2020 Market Guide for Process Mining Gartner
October 2020 PEAK Matrix for RPA Products Everest
July 2020 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Gartner
May 2020 Your Automation Psychology And Roadmap Just Shifted Gears Forrester
April 2020 360-degree Enterprise Automation Playbook Everest
March 2020 Hyper Intelligent Automation – 2020 Zinnov
March 2020 2020 Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) PEAK Matrix Everest
February 2020 PEAK Matrix for Process Minining Technology Vendors 2020 Everest

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