My RPA Developer Salary


I had the best RPA Developer job, but in December 2021, I decided to quit the job to follow my dream and become an RPA Teacher/YouTuber.

My mission is to deliver the best RPA learning materials and share everything about building my company at the same time. This includes how much I earn $.

In the beginning, it was terrifying to share what I found to be very private information. But then I realized it was fantastic to get instant feedback from all you viewers and thereby quickly fix my bad habits.

Let me share what my company earned in 2021 AND how much I earned as an RPA Developer in the Danish software company Lessor A/S.

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My RPA Company

In December 2021, I decided to quit corporate life and follow my dream.

Quiting my RPA Developer job in Lessor A/S wasn’t easy, as I had outstanding colleagues, and we were all working on a fantastic product (payroll and HR software). So what made you quit and say hello to a low and highly volatile income?


  • Spend time with my family when I want
  • Work on the things I find exciting
    • RPA Education
    • RPA content creation for SoMe
  • No roof over my potential financial income in the future

My RPA Company 2021 Profit

We’re in January 2022 and my company is one month old. Here’s how it went in December 2022.



My income in my RPA company is divided between consulting and YouTube AdSense.




My 2021 RPA Developer Salary

And now for the fun part my 2021 RPA Developer salary, when I worked at a company:

  • Gross pay: $8,213/monthly or $98,556/yearly
    • Pension scheme (10%): $720/monthly
    • Other benefits (bonus, presents, etc.): $200/monthly
    • Raw pay:  $7,203/monthly

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