I lost ___% on my UiPath Stocks 😱😭 (January Status)

The primary value of our company is transparency. We share every decision and even how much we earn. This is our January Status video.

It’s not influencing the life of our company, but we bought UiPath stocks, which cost us a lot.

Today’s expert guest is Daniel from Unrivaled Investing, who will explain why the UiPath stock has lost so much (50%+) and what the future will look like.

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New Colleague

January was my last month as a one-person army, as Stine Høiberg Rasmussen has joined the company full time from February. Stine is great at all the things I’m not so good at. A match made in heaven.

Stine is an experienced technology and RPA Consulting Senior Manager, that has worked with RPA since 2016 and on IT projects for more than ten years.

Find Stine on LinkedIn.

I’m so happy that my company can now deliver excellent service to my customers. But even happier to be able to work with my best friend and wife 🥰

UiPath Stock Analysis

Daniel from UNRIVALED INVESTING is joining the stream and talks about the reason for the losses of my UiPath stock position.

YouTube statistics

A record month but still not earning “enough” money. 

Our January 2022 Financial Result

One of my viewers, Henri Sorsa, spent his time developing the Power BI dashboard you see below. I’m overwhelmed by the massive support you people show me. Thanks a lot.


I’ve spent additional money, as seen below, on improving the sound.



The profit grew from $4900 in December 2021 to $6000 in January 2022. The Power BI dashboard is created by Henri Sorsa.

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