Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

Power Automate Desktop for Beginners Lesson Title Description 1 Install Install Power Automate Desktop and create your first flow 2 Variables The most common variable types and how to use them 3 The Recorder Make your life easier 4 If and Loop Learn the most used logic operators 5 Excel Automate the most used business […]

Table of Contents

Power Automate Desktop for Beginners

1InstallInstall Power Automate Desktop and create your first flow
2VariablesThe most common variable types and how to use them
3The RecorderMake your life easier
4If and LoopLearn the most used logic operators
5ExcelAutomate the most used business application
6ApplicationsClick buttons or input data in applications
7BrowsersAny webpage can be automated
8File HandlingLearn how to handle files and create a log
9Web ExtractionThe moment we all waited for
10OutlookExtract information from Outlook emails
11RPA ChallengeAdvanced Excel and web automation
EThe Next StepsMy recommended next steps


This course is constantly getting updated when Power Automate Desktop gets new features etc.:


Q1QuizTest your knowledge about variables
Q2QuizTest your knowledge about the recorder
Q3QuizTest your knowledge about If and Loop
Q4QuizTest your knowledge about Excel actions
Q5QuizTest your knowledge about applications
Q6QuizTest your knowledge about automating browsers
Q7QuizTest your knowledge about file handling

Power Automate Desktop – Use Cases

1Excel and Web SearchWeb search from Excel input, write back to Excel, and handle exceptions
2VAT LookupsA well-suited RPA process
3WebscrapingHow to scrape URLs and individual items
4SelectorsComplete and win the RPA Challenge
5Advanced ExcelAdvanced Excel work (Currency/Accounting)
6Advanced Web ScrapingWeb scraping with error-handling, logging, API calls, JSON parsing and Power Automate Desktop best practices
7The Power of ChatGPT in Power Automate Desktop DevelopmentAdd AI and sentiment analysis to your flows
8PDF Extraction & Application EntryParse PDFs with Regular Expressions and type the data into an application

Additional Material

1Beginners Course 2022Complete Power Automate Desktop Course
2HackatonCompete against each other


1Install and StartInstall Power Automate Desktop correctly and build your first robot
2VariablesThe building blocks of Power Automate Desktop
3The RecorderGet ahead of your learning path with the Recorder..
4If/SwitchCondtions that let your flow take different paths
5LoopsItereate over collections and conditions
6ExcelThe most used application
7ApplicationsUI Automate legacy apps
8BrowsersBrowser work
9Files & FoldersHow to get files in a folder
10Web ScrapingHow To Do No Code Web Scraping With Power Automate Desktop
11OutlookHow to Send Dynamic Emails with Power Automate Desktop

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