Awesome, you want to learn UiPath! Good news, there is no magic and it’s so easy, that you can build your own robots within 10 minutes.

What you will learn:

  • Primarily
    • Create a UiPath Robot
    • Overview of the UiPath Application
  • Secondarily:
    • Open an Application
    • Type and Click in the Application
    • Use a Delay
    • Run and save a robot
    • The output console

Client name:

Process Name:
Your First Robot

Congratiulations on your first day as UiPath RPA Developer:

  • Open a new project
  • Create a robot, that:
    • Opens Notepad
    • Type: “This is our very first robot” and click Enter
    • Type: “This is still our first robot”
    • Have a delay of 5 seconds (00:00:05)
    • Click File
    • Click New Window
    • Display a Message Box: “Our first robot is completed”

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  1. Francis

    I loved this exercise! For some reason I couldn’t get the new window open and when I did the robot was typing in the wrong notepad screen. I used the hot key to set up a new window, added a delay, and then added the attach window to make sure the robot typed where it should.

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Francis. You’re well past this Beginners Course then Thanks for the feedback. When making a course like this, it’s always a tradeoff between simplicity and going into details (covering every edge case). If I ever (sorry WHEN I) make a 10-hour course, I should definitely talk about making the solutions more robust like the one you state above. Have a great day. Kind regards, Anders

  2. Than H

    thank you so much. It is very easy to learn from you than Uipath official tutorial.

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Than. Thanks a lot, that’s very kind of you Feel free to join my Discord, where we solve UiPath problems and chat around it: Have a great day. Kind regards, Anders

  3. JD

    Thank you for making this easy.

  4. Alofun Tosin

    Great, cool stuff. Even as a new beginner, its more than enough material.I
    The version i downloaded is actually newer than what you used in the video with new and changed features.
    Thanks, you are highly valued!

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Alofun. Thanks a lot 🙂 Yeah, they change versions quickly. Let me know if you have any questions. Kind regards, Anders

  5. YUVI


  6. Mark

    I cant select the menu bar of the notepad in the “click” part it is always selecting either the text part or the whole box of notepad it cant hover to the menu bar where file is located

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Mark. Great question. It’s not an exception, I’ve seen, but these things occur for us. We just do workarounds. Here you can use a “Click Image” instead, where you select the image you want to click (make a selection around File), or you can use Click Text, where you choose the Notepad and search for “File”. I hope this helps. Else please join one (or more) of my groups, and we solve it here: Kind regards, Anders

  7. Tony D'Souza

    Hey, i love the way you explain and followed every thing possible but unfortunately my version of UiPath has activity “Use Application/Browser” rather than “Open Application” and because of that or something else my notepad asking a manual ‘Save/Don’t Save/ Close’ option which is not as planned.

  8. Jhon

    hi sr. my “f2” It did not work as in your example, in my case what it does is change the volume, it does not let me pause the selection.

    1. Sayak

      Hold the Fn key down on your keyboard and then press F2 and it should work

  9. Kitty

    Hello Anders,
    thanks for your lessons. It’s my first robot and I have zero knowledge about programming.
    Now I have a problem and I really don’t know what to do…

    Lesson 2: I’ve made the sequence, put in the messagebox with text, above that I’ve put in the notepad link and type the text. So for so good, I’ve got the same as you have. But if I run the robot….: it opens the notepad, puts in the text and then Notepad shows the message that he wants to save the message…. (or cancel). After a while the messagebox shows and the robot has finished.

    You do not have this message…… why not? What’s wrong with my robot?

    Hope to hear from you Anders, I really want to learn more about RPA :-).
    Kind regards Kitty

  10. Swapnil

    Open Application not showing in menu.

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