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How to do Excel VLOOKUPs in UiPath

This video shows, how to perform Excel VLOOKUP with UiPath. VLOOKUP is something you use a lot in your RPA automation, so better learn it.

A VLOOKUP search for a value in a column and return a value from a different column in the same row.

We go through a simple VLOOKUP use case with two examples.

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Anders Jensen

RPA DEVELOPER, YOUTUBER & UIPATH MOST VALUED PROFESSIONAL 2021 Anders Jensen is the RPA Lead at Lessor A/S (Part of Paychex Inc) and an advanced certified UiPath RPA Instructor. Using his extensive experience in automating interfaces such as Windows, SAP, and browsers, Anders develops enterprise RPA solutions automating work for customers and colleagues one task at a time. In the evenings and weekends, Anders is passionate about teaching others RPA by making instructional videos on his YouTube channel.

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