UiPath Beginners Course

Ready to become a UiPath RPA Developer? The ‘UiPath Beginners Course [2021] – How to Learn RPA’ will teach you UiPath quickly and intuitively. It’s filled with Engaging lessons where you build your robots right from the start.

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1Install and SetupInstall UiPath and Connect to Orchestrator
2Your First RobotBuild your first robot in 10 minutes
3VariablesAll about the common variable types
4If/WhileThe control activities
5Excel & Data Tables The most important UiPath topic
6Applications & SelectorsAutomate in applications and learn about their Windows addresses
7BrowsersAutomate your browser
8File HandlingCopy and move files
9Data ScrapingThe topic you’ve all been waiting for
10The Next StepsYou’re now an RPA Developer, whats next?

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  1. willy

    I am student How to download multiple zip files from a website and unzip

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Willy. Great question. We can split it into two questions (Download files and Unzip). For the download part you need to provide more information, where do we download it from? You can find a zip/unzip video here: https://youtu.be/wdjhAYwE_tM
      Feel free to join one or more of my groups: https://andersjensen.org/lets-talk
      Kind regards, Anders

      1. willy

        I have to download multiple zip files from a website. The website contains personal information. I can send you privately what I have already done. For the moment I can only download the same file several times.

  2. krishna

    You are cool. Let me complete all free course.

  3. olamide

    hello there
    i cannot download the excel file

    1. Anders Jensen

      Can you try again, I changed the order?

  4. GAz

    Only 6 comments? That cant be right. Anybody that has used UIPATH in the last years has used your videos.

    I dont think it would be possible to operate and learn UIPATH without Anders Jensen.

  5. KARAN

    HI Sir l learn uipath rpa by using your video on youtube (UIPATH BEGINNERS COURSE[2021] – HOW TO LEARN RPA) the video was useful to learn but I face an error in step – 3 (reference: your first robot exercise) I try to put application and web activities in the project it shows error

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey KARAN, it’s very hard to say. Have you seen my new UiPath Beginners Course (2023): https://youtu.be/A8cLOfItmv8
      Kind regards, Anders

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