Learning UiPath RPA is best done with hands-on use cases instead of endless PowerPoint presentations. If you are a beginner, this video will teach you everything you need to know to get started with UiPath. What you will learn:

  • Install and Setup UiPath (00:02:04)
  • Orchestrator (00:03:59)
  • Overview and build your first robot (00:07:28)
  • Sequence and Flowchart (00:21:35)
  • Variables (00:32:15)
  • If, While and Switch (00:44:53)
  • Excel and Data Tables (01:03:02)
  • Applications and Selectors (01:16:04)
  • Browsers (01:26:46)
  • Email (01:35:06)
  • Data Scraping (01:50:06)
  • Screen Scraping (02:04:15)

Each chapter are with one or more use case and is presented by me, an RPA Developer, which will guarantee that you learn all the best UiPath Best Practices.

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  1. Ravikiran

    Hi Anders . I tried working out the same method as you did for using it as a prototype in my other project. But I get Runtime execution error saying that there is no row in Position – 1.
    So far I couldn’t sort out the issue .
    I gave a second sheet (Alternate one for dtsheet2), but instead of writing to the destination sheet, it is showing the above error.
    How can I overcome this problem?

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Ravikiran. Can you give me a timestamp?

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