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UiPath 2020 Pricing

It’s probably easier to find the launch code for USA’s nuclear weapons, than to find the price of Uipath. In this article I have gathered all the pricing information for you, including information of the specific products, which saves you for endless hours writing and calling UiPath back and forth.

UiPath Pricing

The pricing of UiPath depends on, as with a lot of other purchases, how big a customer you are. Hence the price range next to the products. These are the raw prices and in the next chapter, I will dig deeper into the pricing scheme:

UiPath 2020 annual pricing:

  • Studio License: $2-3.000
  • Orchestrator: $20.000
  • Orchestrator Basic: $8.000
  • Attended Robot: $1.200-1.800 each
  • Unattended Robot: $8.000 each

The Products

Let us have a brief look at the mentioned products.

UiPath Studio is the application, where you create your workflow scripts. You can run this a standalone application, where you just run the workflow scrips on the computer, where UiPath Studio is installed. Keep in mind that you need to be logged in on the computer to be able to run the workflow scripts.

Orchestrator allows you to run unattended robots. Meaning the you don’t have to be logged in. In Orchestrator you can monitor all your robots and securely store all the sensitive information used in the processes, like passwords, personal information etc. You can specify to run the processes among all of your organization’s computers/servers. Orchestrator Basic is for entry level usage, where you will have a maximum number of robots of five.

An Attended Robot works alongside humans, whereas Unattended Robots can execute tasks and work in the system without human intervention.

Which UiPath solution should your company chose

Choosing the right UiPath solution depends on your needs. Most likely you will probably need

  • a Studio License per RPA developer
  • One Orchestrator
  • Robots. Keep in mind that a robot can work on different processes, e.g. work in System A between 08:00-10:00, System B from 10:00-13:00 etc.

However, you can find start with a UiPath studio license and just run your workflow scripts from your local computer.

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