I get a lot of questions about how to solve specific RPA problems. Unfortunately, it would require a full-time job to answer everyone, so here I try to answer some of them in public.

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Previous RPA Questions Answered

2022-11-01 Power Automate Desktop: Scraping multiple pages, when there is no 'Next' Button avaiable

Adenilson asked for a solution, that scraped multiple pages from a web search, where there was no Next button avaiable.

On the website https://portal.cfm.org.br/busca-medicos

Choose an option from [UF:] and click [SEARCH]
It appears 10 items per page and just below the pages appear:

page [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] […] [957] where I can browse to list all doctors.

And here I can browse by just clicking on the number of pages generated according to the number of doctors generated.

Then I would write the Name and CRM fields in excel.

(sorry for the text, it is automatically translated in goggle)

Thanks for the great help.

I’ve created a video solution that shows how to scrape multiple pages in Microsoft Power Automate Desktop when the Next button is missing.

2022-10-19 UiPath: How to compare two dates and get the difference in months and days

CH wanted to know how to compare two dates and get the difference in months and days with UiPath Studio.


Good evening Sir!  First, THANK YOU for all of the amazing UiPath videos!  They have been extremely helpful to me as I embark on this RPA journey!

I do have a problem I can’t seem to figure out and wondering if you could help?  When comparing tow dates, I can get the total number days between the two, but I also want to be able to write a string that shows it not only in total days, but also a string that shows it in Months and Days (e.g. a day count of 1427 to write out also as “46 months; 28 days”).  How would I write that string?

Thank you very much for any help you can provide.


Hey CH – thank you so much for the nice words. Here’s the solution. Write the following expression.

					"The difference is " + CInt(DateDiff(DateInterval.Month, DateToCompare, CurrentDate)).ToString + " months and " + CInt(DateDiff(DateInterval.Day, DateToCompare.AddMonths(CInt(DateDiff(DateInterval.Month, DateToCompare, CurrentDate))), CurrentDate)).ToString + " days"

Where CurrentDate is your base date – in DateTime format (MM-dd-yyyy hh:mm:dd) and DateToCompare is the date you want to compare with – also in DateTime format (MM-dd-yyyy hh:mm:dd).

The intuition is first to get the difference, between CurrentDate and DateToCompare, in whole months. We add this to the DateToCompare and get the difference between CurrentDate and DateToCompare in days.

2022-10-17 Extracting URLs of a Google Search with Power Automate Desktop

Skill Research asks how she can extract URL addresses from a Google Search using Microsoft Power Automate Desktop. I’ve created a video solution for her.

2022-09-28 Web Scraping with RegEx in Power Automate Desktop

Bo wants to know how we can dynamically do web scraping (the URL changes) and write the results back to Excel. Furthermore, we must filter the results with Regular Expressions (RegEx). Here’s my video solution to him.

2022-06-14 Advanced Web Scraping in Power Automate Desktop

Thomas wanted to know how to web scrape search results of products, including URLs with product information in detail. Furthermore, go to the URLs and get the specific product information. Here’s my video solution to Thomas.

2021-11-26 Convert a DataTable to a Dictionary in UiPath

On my Discord PACHEP asked how to convert a DataTable to a Dictionary using UiPath. Here’s my video solution for him: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6870081304789098497

2021-11-15 How to use Regex on a Text File using UiPath

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