Learning Microsoft Power Automate is straightforward. In [x] minutes, you can build your automated workflows and even learn to use AI 🙂

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of Power Automate
  • Build a Power Automate flow
  • Use AI in your flows


  • Login at and navigate to Power Automate (click the nine dots in the upper left corner)
  • Create a simple flow that saves email attachments to a OneDrive folder
  • Download the sample documents. You can also find them here:
  • Create an Excel sheet with a table (headers: Date, Invoice No, Vendor, Customer, Tax, Total)
  • Create a manually triggered flow that lets the user upload a document, then run and
    • Extract information out of the documents (Date, Invoice No, Vendor, Customer, Tax, Total)
    • Add the data to the Excel table
  • Modify it to run when a new file is created in OneDrive automatically


  • Use the Templates sections to get to learn and get new ideas
  • The Excel data needs to be formatted as a table
  • Power Automate can only read documents from OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc.

Video Guide