How to Implement a Power Automate production setup?Understand your overall goals and then administration, governance, and licensing.

- Find the right processes.
- Formulate a governance strategy.
- Setup a Center of Excellence (CoE) that drives the adoption of the Power Automate (and Power in general) platform. This requires at least one skilled Power (Automate) architect.
- Licence strategy to (1) ensure full license utilization, (2) control costs, and (3) charge the right stakeholders.

I can recommend Stine if you want a person that's on your side in setting things up and finding the right consultant.
Input VariableA variable (argument) that can pass from the Power Automate cloud platform to the Power Automate for desktop flow.
jQueryA JavaScript library, which Power Automate for desktop uses to create simple but straightforward selectors.
Output variableA variable (argument) that can pass from the Power Automate for desktop to the Power Automate cloud platform.
SelectorA selector (often called a CSS selector) is a series of characters used to identify objects on the screen. With the selector, we can identify (almost) any graphical elements in applications and browsers.