Blizzard Entertainment called your office. They want you to design their next game.

What you will learn

  • Primarily:
    • Business logic:
      • If
      • Loop

Client Name

Bliizzard Entertainment

Process Name



Create a game, that:

  • Assign a “secret” variable between 1-100
  • Take a user input (a number between 1-100)
  • Check if the number equals the secret variable
    • Yes: Write a congratulations message
    • No: Run the user input again and check again (continue over and over until the user has guessed the number)


  • Set variable: To assign the secret variable
  • Display input dialog: Take user input
  • If
    • User Input = Secret Number
      • Display message and congratulate the user
  • Loop
    • User Input <> Secret Number
      • Display input dialog and ask the user again
      • But use an If and Else if to give the user a hint, if the number is too high or too low
  • Advanced
    • Try to make the loop only run 5 guesses and then end no matter what (hint: use a counter variable and change the loop condition)

Video Guide