I receive more than 50 comments and questions every day – thanks a ton for the support and faith you have in me 🤗 While I read all of them, it will require a full-time job to answer them all. Therefore, I invite you to join one of the below channels to solve problems and chat about RPA/Automation.

🤓 UiPath RPA Professionals Facebook Group. Join this group for professional UiPath Developers, Analysts, and Architects who want to improve their technical aspects and careers.

🎮 I Love Automation Discord Server. On the Discord, we solve RPA and Automation problems in UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, AutoHotkey, and OpenRPA. You’ll also find a lounge to hang out with our colleagues and me, as well as a job section.

💼 UiPath RPA Developers LinkedIn Group. LinkedIn is where your colleagues around the world are. It’s a serious group, where people talk about enterprise UiPath solutions and discuss careers, but not more serious than they can crack a joke daily.

🤖 Microsoft Power Automate Professionals Facebook Group. All about Microsoft Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop. Hang out with colleagues and professionals.