Our new client JHK Shipping needs a robot, that can sort files and create a log.

What you will learn:

  • Primarily
    • File Handling with For Each, the .net method Directory.Getfiles and the Move File activity
  • Secondarily:
    • Make a variable index counter
    • Variable use best practice
    • Create folders with the Create Folder activity
    • Use of the .net method String.EndsWith
    • Write a log message with information

Client name:
JHK Shipping

Process Name:
Sort Files

Create a UiPath robot that:

  • Create the two folders, “xlsx” and “docx”
  • Move the .xlsx- and .docx-files to their respective folders
  • Write a log message with a count of how many files, that are moved in total and of each type


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  1. Raj

    Hi Anders, I don’t have access to the above link with name Sort Is this one different from what you made me download as course material?

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Raj. Thanks a lot for pointing that out – I’m sorry. The link is updated now and works Kind regards, Anders

  2. AP

    Hi Anders,

    There seems to be no files present inside the zip folder.Kindly have a look.

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey AP. Sorry, I’ve updated the files Let me know if you still have the problem. Kind regards, Anders

  3. Mohamed

    Hi Anders,
    the sort file is empty.

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