A UiPath YouTuber called Anders Jensen wants your help in improving his reach on YouTube.

What you will learn:

  • Primarily
    • Browser Automation
  • Secondarily:
    • Take screenshots and save them as images
    • Wait for elements to appear before continueing
    • Fix problems, when we can find an element

Client name:
Anders Jensen

Process Name:

Before I can hire you, you need to prove your worth. So build a robot, that:

  • Opens a browser (your choice, but not IE) and navigate to:
  • Login in with the user “tomsmith” and the password “SuperSecretPassword! “
  • Takes a screenshot what the section in the browser looks like AFTER you logged in and save it to the Browsers folder

Did you succeed? Now you’re ready to help me:

  • Make a comment to the UiPath Beginners Course video, where you type in a greeting and click comment

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  1. AJAY

    Your class is very easy to follow and it makes me more to follow your content and study each content in your channel

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey AJAY! Thanks a ton for such a comment 🙂 Have you seen my groups:, where you’re most welcome. Have a great day. Kind regards, Anders

  2. Garmen

    Hey Anders. You have such great RPA content and exceptional teaching skills. I have been watching your beginners course and just wanted to let you know what an amazing job you are doing. Keep it up. Do you have an Advanced Level course happening in real-time any time soon? I would be interested in taking one.

    1. Anders Jensen

      Thanks a lot Yes and no. I’m working on it with my colleague, Jan. Feel free to join my Discord: where I’ll be announcing it. + if you want to network and solve problems with +1500 RPA Developers. Kind regards, Anders

  3. Hiba

    i love your crouses thank you

    1. Anders Jensen

      Thanks a lot, Hiba!

  4. Dean

    Hi Anders – many thanks for your courses, very easy to follow. UIPath is great!! Unfortunately, I’m on lesson 7, i have the UI Path Web Automation 21.10 extension installed in Chrome, but it still opens up the link in IE instead of Chrome. Any ideas?

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Dean. Sure, it’s a UiPath setting. In your browser activity go to Property and change the browser there as well Thanks for the nice comment. Kind regards, Anders

  5. Dean

    So sorry, I cannot find the Property section you are speaking of. I assume it is somewhere in the UIPath Studio application? Or is is somewhere in Chrome?

  6. Dean

    Found it! When in UiPath Studio, I needed to select the ‘Open Browser’ section, then click ‘Properties’ off to the far right and update the Input > BrowserType drop down. Now it works like a charm!

  7. Alim

    hey Anders, am unable to see both “Open Browser” and “Attach Browser” activities. Could you please guide?. When I type Open in the activities pane, I only get option “Use Application/Browser”

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