I Love Automation

What are you doing here?

You’re most likely here, because you got invited to make a 1-minute video about automation. I like your presentation skills, your product or maybe both 🙂


I made the I Love Automation YouTube channel because I wanted to make short and mobile-friendly videos around automation. A few of the videos are made by myself, but the majority is made by my idols in the automation industry.

You need to

  • Record a 1-minute video (see requirements below)

  • Answer the Microsoft Forms below

Requirements of the 1-minute video

  • Resolution 1080×1080 (square format, make sure you change this setting in your recorder)

  • Between 50 and 59 seconds

  • You can’t talk about yourself or advertise

  • Try to make something cool with your software/product, that will catch the attention of the viewer

What you get

  • Linked Post like this (around 5000 views): https://www.linkedin.com/posts/andersjensenorg_get-the-path-of-environment-folders-in-uipath-activity-6774915451144200192-Pz7L
  • YouTube video like this (at the moment between 500-1000 views): https://youtu.be/vmqoWbwV1x0
  • One video card with a link to one of your YouTube videos
  • One end card with a link to one of your YouTube videos
  • Two links of your choice in the description
  • A specially designed thumbnail to the video