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How to merge columns from two different DataTables in UiPath

On my YouTube Channel,, I got a great question from Damaneed, a subscriber, in where he wants to merge columns from two different DataTables.

Fig. 1: Case from Damandeep, a subscriber to the channel

I solved it in the video here and if you want the workflow files check below:

Download the workflow files:!Al9RjoWZcShJib0DhslDDeh42_BNAg?e=YPcugI

I’ve updated the workflow afterwards, since Damandeep wanted a solution, where we only update columns to Sheet1 from Sheet2, if that column name is not in Sheet1. You can find the updated workflow files here:!Al9RjoWZcShJib5e-dWh2WZwpqPaTw?e=MKVaYu

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