Working with (dates and) times from Excel in UiPath can be a bit tricky. This video tutorial explains, how it’s done in an easy manner, but still to the point.

You can get the workflow files here:!Al9RjoWZcShJichABVqgzBLiIHIjtg?e=8bUA2H

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  1. Jagan

    Hi bro can you make a video Uipath Team page (GIT, TFS, SVN) how to use our project.
    Thank you.

  2. Poornima

    Hi Mr. Anderson ,

    1 ) I wanna know that how to compare & check two columns which have the same values like an example of A=A, B=B , C=C .

    2) It also contains of value A next is empty Cell then contains Value B.

    Is there any video based on this scenario?

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