How to Compare Excel Sheets in UiPath (Full Tutorial)

Comparing Excel Sheets, Tables, and DataTables in UiPath is a task you’ll often face as an RPA Developer.

This guide shows you how.

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Course Exercises

Compare Excel using UiPath Activities

Using the UiPath activities has several advantages: Easy to follow the logic and add/combine it with other activities. The disadvantage is that it could be done with fewer lines of code/activities (see the below LINQ sections).

Find matching rows (Intersect)

  • Find matching values of the two Excel sheets and update a column
  • Find and copy the matching rows of the two Excel Sheets/Tables to a new Excel Sheet

Find unique rows (Except)

  • Update row in Sheet1 if the row is not present in Sheet2
  • Find and copy the rows that are present in Sheet1 and not in Sheet2 to a new Excel Sheet

Combine two Excel Sheets (Union)

  • Combine Sheet1 and Sheet2, remove duplicates and write to a new sheet.

Compare Excel using LINQ

  • Find matches in Sheet1 and Sheet2 using LINQ
  • Find unique rows in Sheet1 relative to Sheet2 using LINQ
  • Find all unique rows in Sheet1 and Sheet2 using LINQ

Compare Excel using Advanced LINQ

  • Find matches in Sheet1 and Sheet2 using LINQ
  • What happens when there is no match? Error Handling
  • Find unique rows in Sheet1 relatively to Sheet2 based on Columns

Full Video Tutorial

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