Learn how to compare column names (headers) in Excel/DataTables and copy entire columns of data to a new table, when there is a match.

The video was made per request from a viewer, who wrote:

Hello Anders,
I saw one of your YouTube videos and am really impressed with the explanantion you give. I am new to Uipath and kind of in a pickle right now. I am trying to compare headers of 1 Excel file with headers of a 2 Excel file( This will be the standard header template file). And right the result to a 3rd Excel file ( Results). But whatever I do is failing. Even the forum has no answers. I know rows can be matched but how do I match the headers since they are columns? 
If you could please help me that would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards

I like to solve UiPath RPA problems. If you have a specific one, please do comment one of my YouTube videos and I gladly give it a go 🤓 However do remember that I do not have time to solve entire workflows.

Download the workflow and excel files from the video here

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  1. Pranay Sahare

    Hello Anders,
    Thank you for the videos you make and heartily congratulations on the 1K subscribers on YouTube. Yes I’m still looking for the API which you told me for the Covid-19 real time data extraction .
    I am a beginner & just started to make my transition towards RPA and I’m learning by watching your videos.

    Please do also suggest, which topics to focus on in UiPath RPA and keep making wonderful videos.

    Thank you

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Pranay.

      I am actually not sure about a Covid-19 API, as I simply do not have time for making it. These are more general ones: https://youtu.be/HiS_lQ1wbD4 and https://youtu.be/ymne7wPzjFc

      For a beginner I would first start at making my Excel/DataTable spot on. Learn how to apply all these activities. You can go to video 10 here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z899ONQB4kU&list=PLXXz88_TPiHpy_BFL00IMk9BHLjG0qZE7 and look a little ahead in the list as well.

      I am sorry for the links, but that is the most easiest way to refer to my knowledge. I will gladly answer questions. Either here or directly to the YouTube videos.

      Kind regards, Anders

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