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Drop Down Menus in UiPath (Find Children & Select Item)

Get all elements of a drop-down menu with Find Children

The ‘Find Children’ activity in UiPath is often used to retrieve the value of all elements in a drop-down menu (combo-box or list box).

The output is stored in the variable type IEnumerable. An IEnumerable is a non-generic collection and read-only. It’s faster than a list (= lazy loading).

Task: Find all items in the drop-down list below. Next, use a Find Children to get the attributes from the drop-down into an IEnumerable, then iterate through each element and extract the vendor’s name.


Select specific elements in a drop-down

The ‘Select Item’ activity is used to select elements in a drop-down menu (combo-box or list box).

You can select:

  • A specific item
  • Some items
  • All items

Task: Create an automation that selects specific elements and then all elements (hint: see the previous paragraph).

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