Hey friends. Thanks a lot for attending the live UiPath REFramework session. Here are the course files (Excel and UiPath): Download

Important things to take away from the session:

  • Separate your workflow in a Dispatcher (add items to the queue) and a Perfomer (process each item one by one – the actual REFramework).
  • Use the Config Excel sheet to define your Queue name and Assets (constants).
  • Arguments are variables that can pass in and out of invoked workflows.
  • The REFramework are fantastic for handling errors/exceptions and logging.
  • You don’t have to understand everything, but do try to build my example from the video.

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  1. Aden Freedman

    Hi Anders!

    I’m loving your videos as a relatively new (3 months) UiPath product support engineer!

    When I downloaded the course files and opened the ‘data.xlsx’ file, I didn’t see the Country/Capital list that you showed, only 2 sheets with ID(1,2,3)/Name(Alpha,Bravo,Delta) entries in addition to your Youtube page sheet.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for everything you do to free people from boring work!

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Aden, I’m terribly sorry for the Excel. I uploaded the wrong Excel sheet, when I fixed it. Thanks a lot for pointing it out Kind regards, Anders

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