UiPath REFramework Live Use Case – Get Started

Hey friends. Thanks a lot for attending the live UiPath REFramework session. Here are the course files (Excel and UiPath): Download

Important things to take away from the session:

  • Separate your workflow in a Dispatcher (add items to the queue) and a Perfomer (process each item one by one – the actual REFramework).
  • Use the Config Excel sheet to define your Queue name and Assets (constants).
  • Arguments are variables that can pass in and out of invoked workflows.
  • The REFramework are fantastic for handling errors/exceptions and logging.
  • You don’t have to understand everything, but do try to build my example from the video.

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Anders Jensen

RPA DEVELOPER, YOUTUBER & TWO-TIME UIPATH MOST VALUED PROFESSIONAL (2021 & 2022) Anders has been running andersjensenorg fulltime since December 2021. The company specializes in teaching RPA via YouTube and tailormade learning paths. Anders is an experienced RPA-developer and -teacher with experience in both the public and private sectors. Anders’ YouTube channel has trained more than 100.000 Citizen Developers in just one video. Alongside his YouTube channel, Anders has built a unique global RPA-community with developers on all levels. When using Anders as your partner for RPA-trainings, you get direct access to this unique opportunity for problem-solving, opportunities, and networking.

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  1. Aden Freedman

    Hi Anders!

    I’m loving your videos as a relatively new (3 months) UiPath product support engineer!

    When I downloaded the course files and opened the ‘data.xlsx’ file, I didn’t see the Country/Capital list that you showed, only 2 sheets with ID(1,2,3)/Name(Alpha,Bravo,Delta) entries in addition to your Youtube page sheet.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for everything you do to free people from boring work!

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey Aden, I’m terribly sorry for the Excel. I uploaded the wrong Excel sheet, when I fixed it. Thanks a lot for pointing it out Kind regards, Anders

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