I am Anders and I’m an RPA Developer and YouTuber.

Professionally I:

  • 🤓 Work as an RPA Lead in a big software company just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. We use the big RPA enterprise tools, UiPath and Microsoft Power Automate.
  • 👨‍🎓 Produce RPA Tutorial videos on YouTube. I like to do both tutorials aimed at beginners and advanced users. Mainly in UiPath, Microsoft Power Automate, Excel/VBA, OpenRPA, and AutoHotkey. If I find a guest of particular interest, I love to interview them.
  • 🏆 Received the UiPath Most Valued Professional award in 2021. To become a UiPath MVP, it’s required to demonstrate strong product expertise and a track record of engagement.
  • 👨‍💻 Am a Udemy Instructor. My current courses are UiPath – 6 Advanced Use Cases, UiPath Advanced REFramework, and AutoHotkey.
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Contact me

  • 🎤 Do you have a UiPath question? If it is of a general character, please post it in our UiPath RPA Professionals Facebook Group. If it is specific to one of my YouTube videos, post a comment to that particular video. I try to answer all questions. However, I do not have time to solve entire workflows.
  • 📨 Email – Do you have something that is not a practical question, feel free to write me an email (anders@andersjensen.org).

Fun facts

  • 🃏 I am a former professional online poker player. Together with colleagues, I established a poker office in central Copenhagen, Denmark, to make each other better by exchanging knowledge and, just as important, having a social network at work. You can still read a lot of game theory articles at my old website – but they are all in Danish 🤥 Besides playing, I did a lot of big data analytics (PokerTracker/SQL) and automated almost all my workflows with AutoHotkey, WinAutomation, Excel VBA, and, in the last years of my career, UiPath. While I was mainly an online player, I also enjoyed playing live – here, you can find me in a bloody battle with a swede. I am not telling how it went out, except for this emoji 🤩