Let's study together

Microsoft launched a brand new Power Automate for desktop certification. Do you want to take it with me?

The level is ‘Associate’, but to me, it looks hard, covering topics like JSON, VBScript & VBA, HTTP requests, and HTML/JavaScript.

I’ve created a free study group, and here is how to participate:

  • Join the I Love Automation Discord Community by clicking the black button below
    • Accept the rules
    • React to the Power Automate emoji in #set-your-role to get access to the study group channel
    • Find the study group under HELP CHANNELS and then #pad-study-group
  • Place your questions in the channel
  • Each week I’ll post a video covering an advanced topic (e.g., VBScript in Power Automate for desktop)
  • Network with your friends in the channel chat
  • Take the exam when you’re ready. I plan to take mine in late May 2022 🙂

The study group is for motivation and to solve the complex parts of the preparation material with each other.

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  1. Anders Jensen

    Do you have problems joining the community? Let me know here or send me a LinkedIn message

  2. Florence

    Aside Discord, is there any other platform?

  3. Ron

    Hi Anders,

    Is the link for discord legit? I get an error that says “Your connection is not private”

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