Power Automate Desktop is straightforward to use. Here’s how.

If you haven’t installed Power Automate Desktop, you should do that first.

Learning Objectives

  • Automate, how to
    • Open a browser
    • Type into a browser
    • Click buttons in a browser
    • Web scrape an element
    • Light Excel work
    • Variables


  • Download the course Excel file
  • Read the CVR number in the ‘A2’ cell in the ‘1. Companies 1 Data’
  • Open a Chrome browser (or Edge if you prefer)
  • Navigate to
  • Click English in the upper right corner
  • Do a search with the number from ‘A2’
  • Extract the company name from the result page
  • Write the result back to the ‘B2’ cell
  • Close the browser
  • Close Excel


  • To make our automation bulletproof, we can check whether or not we are on the English page before we click the link
    • Use the ‘If web page contains’ action

Additional Material

You can find the entire Power Automate for Desktop course here.

Video Guide