You made it: The national RPA team coach called you and you’re representing your country in the Olympics. Let’s prepare.

What you will learn

  • Primarily:
    • Advanced selector work
    • Browser automation
  • Secondarily:
    • Get data from Excel
    • Optimize the performance of your robots

Client Name

National RPA team coach

Process Name



Solve the RPA Challenge in Microsoft Power Automate for desktop.


  • Inspect the data set. Do we need to optimize it now or in the robot?
  • Inspect the UI elements (text fields) on the webpage
    • They change, how to solve that?
  • Launch Excel and a browser (e.g. Edge)
  • Get first free column/row in Excel
  • Read from Excel worksheet
  • Press button on web page (Start button)
    • Problem?
  • For each
    • Populate text field on web page
      • Open the developer tools in the browser and change the selector accordingly
  • Close Excel
  • Advanced (speed optimization)
    • Open the actions
      • Untick Wait for page to load
      • Untick Emulate typing

Video Guide