The RPA software from Microsoft, Power Automate Desktop, is now free in Windows 10 and 11. Here is how to install and create your first Power Automate Desktop flow.

What you will learn

  • Primarily:
    • Learn to install Power Automate Desktop
    • Get introduced to Power Automate Desktop
    • Create your first RPA robot
  • Secondarily:
    • What is a UI element
    • Open an application
    • Close an application
    • Type in an application
    • Click a button in an application
    • Close an application
    • Use a Display Message (Message Box)


The process for installing Power Automate Desktop differs slightly:

  • Windows 10: Go to the Microsoft Power Automate Desktop page and click ‘Start free’ here and follow the instructions 
  • Windows 11: Power Automate Desktop is pre-installed, and you can find it in the Windows Start menu

Now you’re ready to create your first Power Automate Desktop Flow:

  •  Create a flow that:
    • Opens the Notepad Application
    • Types ‘Hello world!’
    • Closes the Notepad again
    • Clicks the ‘Don’t Save’ button
    • Create a log message
  • Hints:
    •  Use the actions:
      • Run application
      • Populate text field in window
      • Close window
      • Click UI element in window
      • Display message
  • Live help:
    • You’re more than welcome to join the I Love Automation Discord server, where we’re more than 3,700 RPA developers helping each other solve RPA problems and optimize our careers

Video Guide

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  1. CuervoDoesIt

    I was not aware how different Automate for Desktop was from the cloud-based Automate that I have already trained on. Thank you, Anders, for this entire lesson! I will follow thru the entire 4hr video on youtube and complete all these lessons. Automate Desktop can do SO MUCH WOW!!!

    1. Anders Jensen

      Hey CuervoDoesIt – thanks a lot and yeah, we can automate our entire Windows (Apps, Browsers, Files etc.) with it

  2. Simeon

    I am using a MacBook, how do I install?

    1. Anders Jensen

      Unfortunately you cant

  3. Pusparghya Mukherjee

    We can use ‘Send Keys’ action twice for closing notepad window and clicking don’t save(have to use the UI Element option there)

    1. Anders Jensen

      Thanks a lot, Puparghya. Generally, we prefer UI element clicking over Send Keys (stability), but if we’re 100% we send the keys to the correct window, the Send Keys action is a great alternative. Kind regards, Anders

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