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How to migrate from UiPath Studio to UiPath Studio Pro

UiPath has upgraded their software from UiPath Studio to UiPath Studio Pro, which include AI, advanced RPA features and testing tools (Test Automation). To upgrade an existing Uipath Studio license is easy with this guide.

Fig. 1: Make sure your UiPath Studio is updated to at least 20.4

1. Make sure your UiPath Studio is updated to at least 20.4

Check what version of UiPath you are running by reading it in the lower left corner of the UiPath application. If it is 20.4 or higher, jump directly to step 2. Otherwise you need to update it given the instructions in step 1.1.

Fig. 1.1: Download the newest UiPath Studio version

1.1 Update UiPath Studio to the newest version

If you have a UiPath Studio version lower than 20.4, you need to upgrade, before you can proceed to step 2. Navigate to and login with your created Orchestrator credentials. In the upper right corner click ‘Download Studio/StudioX’ and follow the instructions to install.

Fig. 2: Allocate a Studio Pro License

2 Allocate UiPath Studio Pro License

If you are not logged into Orchestrator, do so by going to and use your created Orchestrator credentials to login. Click the ‘Admin’ in the menu to the left. Click the three dots in your Tenant (see Fig. 2). Chose ‘Edit Services’. In the lower right corner click the blue button ‘Edit Licenses’. Allocate a Studio Pro license in the field. Click ‘Save’.

Fig. 3: Change your UiPath robot from Studio to Studio pro

3 Change the robot type from Studio to Studio Pro

Navigate to and under ‘Orchestrator Services’ chose your tenant (the name is probably something with Default in the end). In Orchestrator move to ‘Robots’ and click the three dots in the right (see Fig. 3). Then click ‘Edit’. Under the ‘Type’ dropdown change from ‘Studio’ to ‘Studio Pro’. Click ‘Update’.

4 Restart UiPath Studio and Assistant

Close UiPath Studio and UiPath Assistant (found in the tray). Open both of them again.

Change profile to UiPath Studio Pro Community

5 Change Profile in UiPath Studio

After having restarted UiPath click ‘Settings’ – ‘License and Profile’ and then ‘View or Change Profile’ (see Fig. 4). Uipath studio will restart again and when back, you have UiPath Studio Pro.

If you have any comments or questions to this guide, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer as best as I can 😊.

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