How to Automatically Start UiPath Assistant when Windows 10/11 Boots

The UiPath Assistant is an application that lets you easily manage and run your automation with a single click. Here’s how to automatically run the UiPath Assitant when your Windows 10 or 11 boots.

1. Click the Windows Start Button.

2. Type UiPath Assistant, right-click on the result (UiPath Assistant), and then click ‘Open file location’.

3. This is a shortcut folder. Right-click on the UiPath Assistant shortcut.

4. Click ‘Open file location’.

5. Right-click on the ‘UiPath.Assistant.exe’ file

6. Click ‘Create shortcut’.

7. Cut the created shortcut by Ctrl+x when you’ve selected it. An alternative is to right-click the shortcut and choose ‘Cut’. The shortcut is now on our clipboard, and we’ll use it in a minute.

8. Click the Windows Start Button (yes, we did that earlier as well).

9. Type Run, click on the result (Run). This will open the Run app.

10. In the input field type shell:startup and then click OK. This opens the Startup folder.

11. Place your mouse in the folder (the white area in the above screenshot). Then click Ctrl+v. This will paste the shortcut.

12. That’s it – your UiPath Assistant now starts every time your turn on your computer. You can reboot Windows and try 😊

12 (Optional). If you want the UiPath Assistant to always start minimized to the system tray, then right-click on the shortcut. In the Target add –startup and then click Apply.

Anders Jensen

RPA DEVELOPER, YOUTUBER & TWO-TIME UIPATH MOST VALUED PROFESSIONAL (2021 & 2022) Anders has been running andersjensenorg fulltime since December 2021. The company specializes in teaching RPA via YouTube and tailormade learning paths. Anders is an experienced RPA-developer and -teacher with experience in both the public and private sectors. Anders’ YouTube channel has trained more than 100.000 Citizen Developers in just one video. Alongside his YouTube channel, Anders has built a unique global RPA-community with developers on all levels. When using Anders as your partner for RPA-trainings, you get direct access to this unique opportunity for problem-solving, opportunities, and networking.

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